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Order Our Famous Grass Seed, All Natural Lawn Products - Fertilizers that Boost the microbes in your soil for healthy soil, Detoxify your soil using mycylium, add Minerals to your lawn and garden for the perfect balance of nutrients for a healthy Lawn or Garden. You can Also find All Natural Weed-n-Feed to kill existing weeds or reduce germination of weeds seeds. Complete instructions come with every order.

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  Original NoMowGrass On Sale
(~50% supine bent 50% Inert Matter)


3 - 6" high -low maintenance grass. Lush Green & Northern hardy.


2LBs- $37.90

S/H $10.95

1,500 (sloped) to 4,000 SqFt


10% Sale $85.30

Shipping  $14.95



Covers 5,000

 to 8,500 SqFt


15% Sale- $402.70
Shipping $19.95

Call for 20% disc. on +100#s

25#= over 3/4 acre

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Improved - Lush Blue-Green
(20% native alpine & 20% bent mix 60% Inert Matter)

Use in heavy traffic areas, drought tolerant. 4 -7" grass blade height.

1 LB

S/H $9.85

Covers: 500 (sloped)  to 1,000SqFt

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Hot/Dry Mix

(20% Dwarf Bent 30% Inert Matter & 50% Original Seed Mix)

1 LBs 

S/H $9.85

Covers: 1,000 (sloped) - 2,750 SqFt


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