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    • A Canadian Hardy Green Patch of Perfect Eco Lawn Grass Seed

      Like Canadian green patch grass – No Mow Grass seed is perfect for filling in areas of your yard that are in need of additional grass. While it initially germinates quickly, this eco lawn grass seed is a slow growing and low maintenance grass. This means that it will quickly cover bare patches of soil, but it will not require excessive amounts of care in order to thrive in your backyard.

      Our Canadian Hardy Green Patch of Perfect Eco Lawn Grass Seed is developed to be very resistant to different weather conditions and will require less water than many traditional types of grass. Using less water on your lawn is one of the easiest things you can do to help preserve the environment and it is especially important in areas that tend to get droughts during the summer months or get forced into water rationing.

      This low growing grass also is extremely hardy and resistant to weeds. It is a great alternative to using harsh chemicals on your lawn or spending large amounts of time pulling weeds. The grass will also grow without expensive fertilizers and in all kinds of light conditions.

      This grass grows at an angle to the ground and will not grow as quickly as traditional grass. Most people find that they need to cut it as little as once per month. This means less time spent on the lawn mower, fewer emissions from a mower and fewer resources going into making your lawn beautiful. Canadian green patch grass seed requires little care to look its best. With this grass, you can be kind to the environment without sacrificing a beautiful lawn.

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