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Is Your Lawn a Chemical Hungery Monster? You can tell if your lawn does poorly when you do nothing! A gorgeous lawn starts with healthy soil with microbes and plenty of life in every handful of dirt.

Most lawns can be improved naturally by adding microbes, mycilium and other beneficial micro-organisms. They in turn feed your grass giving it a lush hue and so thick not much else bothers it. With an adequet population of micro-organisms, your lawn will withstand heavy rains as well as drought periods better because the microbes continue feeding the plants long after the rains have stopped. They will also hold moisture in soil for much longer periods.

We have soil de-toxifing agents to use for reducing chemicals and black walnut toxins. We have a basic micro-organism solution that will give your lawn a fast, non-chemical boost. And we have a mineral complex to feed both the microbes and plants. A little of these go a long way so use sparingly.

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