Drought Tolerant Resistant Lawn Water Conserving
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Everyone wants to save a little money and time, especially when it comes to yard care. With traditional grass seed lawns, you have to water during the dry periods and mow your lawn weekly. This can add up to big bucks and lots of time being spent on trying to keep a neat, green lawn. What if there was a way to keep a green, drought resistant lawn without wasting all your time and money on it?

No Mow grass is a shorter variety of grass that requires little to no mowing, and gives you a drought tolerant lawn. You will have a nice, green lawn all year with none of the hassle that traditional grass seed gives you. Why waste money on grass that needs to be watered every day, especially when you could easily buy water conserving grass seed. Not only is this better for your wallet, but it also reduces runoff ways from your yard. Many people fertilize their yard, and when you water a fertilized yard, a lot of the chemicals are washed into rivers. This can damage the ecosystem and kill off necessary wildlife.

In many areas, rain is scarce during the hot summer months, and if you do not have a drought tolerant lawn, you will not have a lawn for very long without proper care. No Mow water conserving lawn seed is a specially engineered grass seed that can survive in drought conditions, unlike regular grass seed.

Since this is a short growing variety of grass, it will only reach a few inches long, and will not need regular mowing. At most, you will need to mow your lawn once or twice a month. Since this is a water conserving grass seed, it grows shorter to make the most of the water it gets.

If you want a drought resistant lawn, that needs less maintenance than the lawn you have now, you should look into our water conserving lawn seed. Making the switch is one thing you will never regret it.

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