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Whether it's time or energy that prevents you from taking care of your lawn, having the shortest growing grass seed is sure to allow you some time away from yard work! Fast growing grasses can be hard to manage, but having naturally short growing grass might be perfect to suit your needs. Lower in maintenance as well as height, this grass seed grows in a sideways manner that allows minimal cutting practice.

Growing no mow grass is suited to many different planting zones and is not that difficult when following a few easy steps. As with many plants, the heat of summer that evaporates ground water the fastest is not a good time to plant, however, both spring and late summer are fine. Springtime generally is the time mother nature kicks in to aid in watering plant seed which will save on water bills. Late summer, past the hottest time frame, will give seeds time to germinate and sprout before cold weather sets in. Normally weeds slow their growth during this time too but this grass is not prone to weeds anyway.

Where there's bare, loose soil, distributing seeds in multiple directions, followed by raking and watering, is the simplest and most efficient way to promote growth. If there are other grasses and weeds there, ridding the area of unwanted growth is a good first step. This can be done with any method chosen, but neutralize the soil before planting the shortest growing grass seed over the area. Places where weed free, existing grasses grow can be mowed short and over-planted with no mow seeds, eventually crowding other grasses, and making a nice lush lawn that is naturally short.

Time can be spent on other things when you are not always tending to your lawn. Naturally short grass seed is available to buy from No Mow Grass!

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