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If you dread mowing the lawn, you may want to consider short growing grass seed. It offers a virtually no maintenance grass lawn. This is real grass that grows sideways to lengths of two to six inches. Instead of growing vertically and out of control, this grass will look healthy and lush, but require very little care. This is the world's naturally shortest grass and it is the perfect choice for many peoples' lawns. Numerous people have difficulty finding the time to mow the lawn. Typical grass can grow very quickly, especially in the summer months when many families want to travel. No one should have to worry about their lawn at home while they are on vacation. During hot weather, mowing your lawn can be miserable. Why not mow it less often with our short growing grass lawn care products? Caring for ordinary grass can also be a huge drain on resources. Short growing grass seed requires fewer emissions from a lawn mower and less water to maintain. It also is naturally resistant to weeds, requiring little to no chemicals. It's a great lawn care product for people looking to save time and also help protect the environment. Using fewer chemicals is also extremely beneficial for families with young children and pets. Low growing grass is perfect for difficult lawns such as lawns on a steep hill or uneven terrain. It is also great for people with large amounts of grass to maintain. People who own rental properties love using short growing low mow grass because it will flourish on its own. Regardless of the temperature or rainfall, low mow grass will maintain its neat appearance. Give us a call today for a price quote and let us answer any questions you may have!
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